Productive, persistent tropical grasses

Productive, persistent tropical grasses
The Productive, Persistent Tropical Grasses project aimed to select and release new tropical grass varieties for northern NSW and the south coast and the northern agricultural areas of WA.

New cultivars of panic grass (Megathyrsus maximus) have been developed and the commercial partner, Heritage Seeds, is currently seed increasing these cultivars for commercial release in 2014/15.

New tropical grass cultivars will be accompanied by regionally targeted agronomic packages including establishment techniques, management requirements such as nitrogen fertiliser and grazing, and suitable companion legume options. Companion legumes will improve the nutritive value of the pasture and provide the soil nitrogen to drive pasture productivity.

The project has evaluated the persistence and productivity of the new grass cultivars under grazing at two sites. These sites are in northern NSW at the Tamworth Agricultural Institute, at ‘Mitiamo’ (about 25 km west of Bingara), and in WA at the Badgingarra Research Station.

Research from this project has been used to produce a series of guides about using and managing tropical grass based pasture mixes in the summer-rainfall dominant region of New South Wales:


Productive, Persistent Tropical Grasses Project Leader: Geoff Moore


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