The Future Farm Inustries CRC EverCrop project aims to incorporate perennial forages into existing annual plant-based cropping systems of southern Australia. Evercrop seeks to exploit the spatial variability in landscapes, developing component technologies that will play a role on productive cropping land as well as for marginal soils where cropping is risky and often unprofitable.

EverCrop has established a unique RD&E approach that has integrated field experimentation, on-farm trialling, farmer participatory research, farm case studies, soil-plant-climate biophysical modelling and whole-farm bio-economic analysis.
The project has three focus regions: the uniform rainfall zone centred in southern NSW (integration of lucerne, chicory); the medium rainfall zone centred in the northern agricultural region of Western Australia (oversowing winter crops into tropical grass pastures) and the low rainfall zone centred in the Mallee region of South Australia and Victoria (integration of forage shrubs and perennial grasses).
Contact Project Leader: Rick Llewellyn


EverCrop has produced several publications that have been released as FFI CRC Technical Reports. These reports can be downloaded below.

Future Farm Industries CRC Technical Report 1

Increasing farm profit through the use of perennial grasses in a mixed farming enterprise User Evaluation Uniform Rainfall Zone NSW.


Future Farm Industries CRC Technical Report 2

Contribution of perennial grass-lucerne pastures to Dorper lamb-cereal cropping enterprise User Evaluation Uniform Rainfall Zone NSW.


Future Farm Industries CRC Technical Report 3

A survey of the use of perennial pastures as part of the pasture crop  rotation in the mixed farming zone of southern New South Wales.


For further information about this project, email project leaders Dr Rick Llewellyn or Dr Michael Robertson.


Further Information


Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) ceased trading on 30 June 2014.

This website contains information about the CRC’s research into perennial plant based farming systems.

This site will remain live until 30 June 2017 but is no longer being updated or reviewed.

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The CRC was funded for seven years (2007-2014) under the Australian Government Cooperative Research Centre program.