Weed and Genetic Risk


The Weed and Genetic project has worked with researchers to ensure species and systems developed by Future Farm Industries CRC have a minimal impact on the environment. The project built upon the Environmental Weed Risk Protocol developed by the former CRC Salinity.

The very attributes that make plants likely to prove useful to dryland agriculture may make them a potential weed risk in natural environments. Recognising this, the CRC weed and genetic risk project developed a weed risk protocol and a genetic risk protocol. The project assists CRC researchers to assess the plants they work on. Protocols and guidelines have also been developed and apply to germplasm collection, evaluation, selection and promotion. There are also end-of-field-trial duty of care guidelines.

The risk of test species' persistence and naturalisation from experimental sites, incorporation of genetic risk guidelines, and support and training of researchers in using environmental risk decision tools have been specifically addressed by this project. Weed risk management guides for land-managers have also been developed. All weed risk assessments, weed risk scores and weed management guides completed by CRC researchers are available.

Weed risk researchers have also been involved in developing and applying national guidelines on conducting field trials in a risk management framework, and field trial guidelines for weed risk management have been developed. Researchers have also been involved in national discussions on improvements to border and post-border weed risk assessment. A national weed risk management forum was established and the construction of on-line weed database that features the available national weed risk assessments is now underway.

The Weed and Genetic Risk Project receives additional support from the WA Department of Premier and Cabinet through the Office of Science.

Download an information sheet on weed risk or on genetic risk.

Download Weed Risk Assessment template (Microsoft Word doc) or Weed Risk Score template (Microsoft Excel doc) or Genetic Risk Assessment template (Microsoft Word doc).

For more information contact project leader Margaret Byrne.


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