The Investment Framework for Environmental Resources (INFFER) project is creating investment frameworks for developing and prioritising projects to address environmental issues such as water quality, biodiversity, environmental pests and land degradation. It aims to achieve the most valuable outcomes with the available resources. Through the development of these frameworks and other activities, the project aims to influence policy design by public agencies involved in natural research management and environmental policy.

INFFER has been adopted by two Catchment Management Authorities in Victoria and NSW, and is/has been trialled by a further 18 regional groups across Australia. It is having influence in natural resource management policy in both Victoria and in WA and is also influencing the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country Program.

The project is closely integrated with a project funded under the Commonwealth Environmental Research Fund (CERF) and Federation Fellowship programs, led by Prof. David Pannell, with additional research undertaken by Steve Schilizzi (University of Western Australia) and Randy Stringer (University of Adelaide).


Case studies in bio-economic modelling of biodiversity (woodland birds in northern Victoria), water quality (Lake Karapiro in NZ, Avon Richardson in Victoria) and pests (blackberries) are progressing. The project is also developing a two-day training package for organisations adopting INFFER with the EverTrain project.

In August 2009, the INFFER Team was awarded the 2009 Australian Research Council Eureka Prize for Excellence in Research by an Interdisciplinary Team.

For more information, visit the INFFER website or email project leader, Dr Anna Roberts.


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