Postgraduate Professional Development Program


There are two ways you can become a member of the Future Farm Industries CRC Postgraduate Professional Development program. The first way is to apply for, and be successful in receiving, a scholarship from the CRC. The second way is to apply to become an associate student of the program. If you are currently undertaking a PhD and believe your project is closely aligned to the CRC's aims and objectives, then apply to become an associate program member. Providing your project is endorsed by the relevant research program leader, you will be invited to join the group. Associate members have exactly the same entitlements as scholarship holders.


A CRC scholarship is more than just an attractive stipend and operating allowance. The CRC has a comprehensive Postgraduate Professional Development program that provides students with a range of additional benefits that include leadership training, internships, fully supported annual postgraduate meetings, as well as access to travel assistance to attend events around the world to showcase your research.

There are four key activities in the program.


General recruiting activities will be complemented by targeted recruiting for specific projects identified by the CRC. PhD researchers will, where possible, be embedded in larger project teams to develop teamwork and communication skills.


Annual meetings are critical to establish networks among the postgraduate group, which expose students to CRC research occurring outside their own discipline and create new opportunities to engage with senior researchers within the organisation. These meetings are planned to maximise opportunities so students can engage with scientists not only within, but outside the CRC and timed, where possible, to coincide with other planned CRC activities. The location of these events varies each year depending on what opportunities arise.

Participation in training activities

The provision of training opportunities will assist postgraduates in preparation for employment beyond their involvement with the CRC. Workshop activities include skill development courses in scientific writing, leadership, communication, powerpoint, publishing, intellectual property, Future Farm Business role playing scenarios and statistics. Applications are also accepted on an individual basis for other short courses that are of benefit to a particular student.

You can apply to complete a short course using the application for a conference travel or a workshop grant.

In addition to a workshop for all students at the annual postgraduate meetings, one workshop will be held at each of the four universities throughout the year.

Access to travel awards

There is provision for assistance for postgraduates to attend international and national conferences to present work as representatives of the CRC. International awards are worth up to $2500 while awards for national events are up to $1500.

Applications for these awards are accepted at any time. An application form for a travel or workshop grant can be downloaded here.


Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) ceased trading on 30 June 2014.

This website contains information about the CRC’s research into perennial plant based farming systems.

This site will remain live until 30 June 2017 but is no longer being updated or reviewed.

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