About Our Publications

Future Farm Industries CRC regularly releases publications about our research and its adoption in agriculture.

Future Farm

Future Farm is Future Farm Industries CRC’s flagship publication. It is produced three times a year to detail case studies of Australian farmers who are adopting perennial plants on their farms and the science that supports their work. It also highlights the latest research findings coming from FFI CRC projects.

Future Farm was first produced in 2008 and until the end of 2010, was produced twice a year. Archived copies are available here.

Focus Online 

Focus Online is a monthly e-newsletter that summarises the latest developments and achievements in the CRC. It includes stories about the CRC's people and the work they are doing.

Archived copies of Focus Online and its precursor FFI CRC E-News are available here.

Focus on Perennials

Focus on Perennials was a quarterly magazine that provided an overview of Future Farm Industries CRC’s research, education and adoption activities. In 2011 it was amalgamated with Future Farm magazine. When that change was made, Future Farm Industries CRC E-News was expanded and updated to provide a more up-to-the-minute platform for some of the content previously covered in Focus on Perennials.

Archived copies of Focus on Perennials are available here.

Prospect Statements:

FFI CRC and its predecessor CRC Salinity produced four Prospect Statements, which are guides for applying specific perennial plant-based farming systems.

Prospects for Perennials is the definitive guide for incorporating Profitable PerennialsTM (new perennial pasture cultivars) into cropping and grazing systems in southern Australia. Download Prospects for Perennials here. Hard copies of Prospects for Perennials are available from FFI CRC.

Saltland Propsects features an Australia-wide saltland classification system. Download Saltland Prospects here. Hard copies of Saltland Prospects are available from FFI CRC.

Integrated Forestry on Farmland focuses on six regions in the 450-750 mm rainfall zone, which is where integrated forestry development on cleared agricultural land has the greatest potential to help combat salinity. Download Integrated Forestry on Farmland here.

Lucerne Prospects provides an insight into the benefits of incorporating lucerne into farming systems. Download Lucerne Prospects here.

Future Farm Industries CRC Technical Reports:

The Future Farm Industries CRC Technical Report Series covers research finding and technical outcomes of CRC research projects.

Other Publications

Future Farm Industries CRC has also produced several one-off publications.



Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) ceased trading on 30 June 2014.

This website contains information about the CRC’s research into perennial plant based farming systems.

This site will remain live until 30 June 2017 but is no longer being updated or reviewed.

Further information about CRC research projects can be obtained by following links from relevant project pages or by viewing the research transfer page.

The CRC was funded for seven years (2007-2014) under the Australian Government Cooperative Research Centre program.