PhD program and scholarship strengthen CRC legacy


When the Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) closes on 30 June 2014, the achievements of 55 PhD graduates will sit proudly within its research impact and legacy. And, looking forward, the Tim Healey Memorial Scholarship confirms a bright academic future for some of tomorrow’s leading agricultural scientists.

The CRC’s postgraduate program has seen the total graduates exceed the target of 51 students set at the beginning of the CRC, with potentially 67 to complete in 2015 if currently enrolled students complete their program.

CRC Agribusiness and Education Director, Dr Scott Glyde (Charles Sturt University), said the program and scholarship were major contributions the CRC had made to ensuring the next generation of leading agricultural, economic, social and environmental scientists could support Australian agriculture. 

“In the postgraduate program, the students’ projects have been distributed across the CRC’s perennial plant based programs including EverGraze, EverCrop, Enrich, New Woody Crop Industries, Environment and Saltland.

Because of the breadth of research, over 155 staff members from CRC Participant organisations held supervisory positions and worked collaboratively with academics and industry representatives from other institutions across Australia and internationally,” Dr Glyde said.


CRC students with Board Directors during a professional development workshop in 2012.

The CRC Participant universities who supported the postgraduate students were Charles Sturt University, The University of Melbourne, The University of Adelaide and The University of Western Australia.

The Tim Healey Memorial Scholarship was announced earlier this year, with student Thang Lai receiving the inaugural scholarship at the CRC’s ‘Future Farm Live’ event in April.  The scholarship will be administered by the AW Howard Trust after the CRC’s closure.  

The CRC’s research projects have either been completed or transferred to other agencies or funding bodies to continue this important research.  The CRC website will remain live with information on research programs and outcomes available until June 2017.

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Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) ceased trading on 30 June 2014.

This website contains information about the CRC’s research into perennial plant based farming systems.

This site will remain live until 30 June 2017 but is no longer being updated or reviewed.

Further information about CRC research projects can be obtained by following links from relevant project pages or by viewing the research transfer page.

The CRC was funded for seven years (2007-2014) under the Australian Government Cooperative Research Centre program.