About Future Farm Industries CRC

Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre Ltd  is an incorporated joint venture playing a crucial role in developing new and innovative farming systems and technologies to improve the resilience of Australian broadacre agriculture to climate change, salinity, climate variability and drought while improving productivity and sustainability. Future Farm Industries CRC was established in 2007 through the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre Program

The use of perennial plants is the primary research focus research of the CRC due to their ability to cope with declining and variable rainfall. Deep roots allow perennial plants to capture and effectively use water at depth when there is little rainfall and remove excess water, which could otherwise contribute to salinity by recharging groundwater during wetter periods.

Much of Future Farm Industries CRC’s research is built upon the foundations of its predecessor, the CRC for Plant-based Management of Dryland Salinity (CRC Salinity), which made significant headway in making saline lands more productive and sustainable through the use of perennial plants. CRC Salinity showed that perennial plants could be applied to many non-saline farming systems to boost productivity.

Future Farm Industries CRC is a unique co-investment and integration of activities between three major agricultural R&D investors, Landmark (an agribusiness company), and the combined research might of seven state agencies, CSIRO and four universities. These Participants work together with companies, catchment management organisations and farm research groups to enhance the path to industry use of CRC technologies.

Its headquarters are located at The University of Western Australia with research, education and training collaborative activities sited at 40 locations across southern and eastern Australia.

Future Farm Industries CRC Ltd was registered 25 May 2007 and commenced operation on 2 July 2007.



Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) ceased trading on 30 June 2014.

This website contains information about the CRC’s research into perennial plant based farming systems.

This site will remain live until 30 June 2017 but is no longer being updated or reviewed.

Further information about CRC research projects can be obtained by following links from relevant project pages or by viewing the research transfer page.

The CRC was funded for seven years (2007-2014) under the Australian Government Cooperative Research Centre program.